Americans Has a Huge Issue with Food Wasting Tendency

Published Date : Apr 23, 2015

For an average American throwing away an amount of US$2,000 in a year is not a big issue and apparently one may not even be much aware of it. As per a research study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), in every year Americans throw away an amount of US$165 billion approximately on food each year and talking about an average family in America reaches up to around US$2,200 per family.

As per the recent findings of the Environmental Protection Agency, this numbers overall total up to almost 35 million tons of food every year. These figures are almost 50 percent increase from the year 1990 and around three times increase quantity of what the Americans has discarded in the year 1960. These mentioned statistics is a very bad trend, taking hunger in America in consideration. Furthermore, according to the Feeding America findings, currently, 1 out of 7 Americans which is 46.5 million people in total are making use of food banks.

Dana Gunders, who is one of the NRDC staff scientist has stated in the book ‘The Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook’, which is on the verge of getting launched that, the current scenario is a very costly trend. Dana further added that the quantity of food that is being wasted by Americans has been rising more than 50 percent in the previous four decades. It means that this is one contribution to this tremendous 40 percent of the total food which goes in wastage across the nation.

The runaway portion sizes that are offered by the American food industry are very much responsible for this huge amount of wastage in the whole country.