Nokia Denies Reports of Returning to the Commercial Handsets Manufacture

Published Date : Apr 27, 2015

The news of Nokia gearing up to re-enter in the mobile phone manufacturing has been doing rounds recently. As per reports, there were rumors claiming Nokia expressing its intention to manufacture mobile phones from the R&D facility in China. However, the company was prompt in clarifying, that it had no such intentions. The company posted in their official website about having no such intentions whatsoever. 

Moreover, it was also quoted by leading dailies that Nokia currently has no plans of manufacturing mobile phones. However, the company informed that it is looking forward to return to the smartphones business by brand licensing. 

It was only last year that Nokia sold its phone business to the Microsoft. However, in a few months after the deal, the company launched its all new range of brand-licensed computer, which were manufactured under the license of Taiwan based Foxconn. According to opinion leaders, the decision to manufacture a new range of tablets clearly exhibit the company’s intention of producing more technologically advanced commercial devices in the near future. 

However, according to terms and conditions agreed between Nokia and Microsoft, the former will not enter into the business of mobile phones or commercial handsets before 2016. 

The head of products at Nokia Technologies Unit, Sebastian Nystrome told in an interview, it will be foolish to not to explore opportunities for revival in the commercial handset business. The company will obviously look forward to it. 

In a bid to boost its operation in the mainstay equipment business, Nokia recently announced the acquisition of the France based Alcatel-Lucent. The company also expressed its intentions of expanding its operations, which is believed to have drawn interest of leading car manufacturers in the industry, Uber – the online taxi service, as well as Facebook.