Implementation of Stringent Rules on Advertising of Healthcare Products in China

Published Date : Apr 27, 2015

Recently, the legislative body of China has come up with a certain draft amendment that pertains to the main Advertising Law, that proposes stringent and strict regulations on the area of healthcare drugs and products advertising. The latest recommendation states that the healthcare products being sold should be labeled with names of the ingredients that have been used, the function, and most importantly the dosage. 

Furthermore, this law states that the advertisements will have to ensure that the contents pertaining to the treatment and prevention of the disease are required to mention that the contained products are in no way substitutes for the medicines. Also, healthcare products should not be introduced or taken as medicines. Moreover, they should not be taken as those that exhibit medical functions. 

According to a senior official at a top legislature at China belonging to a law committee, the mixture of the ingredients may lead to newer functions because there are several healthcare items in China that consist of traditional and conventional medical ingredients. There is also an urgent need for strengthening the regulations that are implemented on the ingredients that are contained in healthcare products and drugs. 

Product introductions and labeling is also of utmost importance in order to prevent any sort of misleading information that could affect the consumers. This is one reason why regulation of healthcare products is very crucial and plays a very important role. This law which has been revised also states that radio and television programs shall not be used as a medium for promoting healthcare products. Such a revision came at a time when the demand for healthcare products is very high in the market mostly amongst the senior citizens.