The Next Promising Player in the Global Market for Unlicensed Drugs

Published Date : Apr 27, 2015

A U.K. based company has got itself positioned to be a leader in this rapidly expanding market that deals in unlicensed pharmaceuticals via the provision of a way to patients to have access to drugs that are generally not that easily available in local healthcare systems. This industry is a multibillion dollar one. This company in question, Clinigen stated that the inequalities in the easy availability of drugs and medicines between various countries of the world was stimulating demand for ethical and safe ways of accessing drugs that were unlicensed. 

On Friday, Clinigen agreed to pay an amount worth 225 million pounds for acquiring one of its major rivals, Idis. The chief executive at Clinigen also stated that this combined group will emerge the main stop shop for pharmacists and doctors all across the globe who need to prescribe drugs and medicines that were not available locally. In addition to the demand emerging from the emerging markets having limited access, the demand also comes from some of the European economies wherein the launching of new treatments still needs to catch up with the system in the U.S. 

Sources also point to the fact that the worldwide industry for unlicensed medicines exceeds US$5 billion and has a potential for substantial growth with the development of online healthcare information increasing the awareness about the options for treatment amongst the patients. Patients suffering from the common condition prefer going online and having discussions with others from other countries. After that they approach their respective clinicians and ask for those drugs that that they just got to know about.