Kenyan and Chinese Investors Join Hands to Promote Solar Energy Solutions

Published Date : Apr 27, 2015

With the rising demand for green energy sources in Kenya, Chinese investors have helped their Kenyan counterparts in setting up a technology transfer and training center in the East African nation. The China-Kenya Solid State Lighting Technology Transfer Center, based in an industrial park near the capital city Nairobi, has been started jointly by Sunyale Africa Limited, the leading player in the nascent solar technology market in Kenya, and a Beijing-based company. 

With the Kenyan government’s friendly policies related to the cheap and durable solar solutions which include a waiver on import duties for solar panels, Sunyale Africa is positive about the future growth opportunities of the renewable energy sector in Kenya. The company, started in 2014, provides cost-efficient and high quality solar lighting systems to households, business premises, schools, and hospitals. Maina Maringa, the director of Sunyale Africa, mentioned that the partnership would lead to the establishment of a local assembly for solar products with local technicians getting trained on assembling solar lighting systems. . The trainees at the center are also hopeful that the training will expose them to the latest solar solutions. 

Dang Song, the CEO of Sunyale Africa, said that with a vision to help Kenya reach its green aspirations by the year 2030, his company would focus on the East African market and later on, would expand to the neighboring countries. Presently, the company has its presence in seven Kenyan counties and through a social entrepreneurship model, it aims to make solar lighting systems accessible to the rural and the urban poor.