Earthquake Triggers Healthcare Scare in Nepal

Published Date : Apr 28, 2015

Casualties are expected to increase exponentially, as unfathomable number of people feared still trapped under the debris across Nepal. Until now, many of the people in Kathmandu seriously injured are being taken to the Trauma Center of the Bir Hospital. This department has a capacity of 200 beds and was opened only recently. 

Doctors reported that the hospital is in need of at least a 1000 more beds to attend and treat the patients who were being brought in taxis and ambulances. The earthquake in Nepal did not only cause widespread devastation, but it also exposed inadequacy in the infrastructure of country’s best public hospital to serve people in the time of emergency, as told by a senior surgeon of the hospital. 

As per reports, children who suffered from multiple injuries were laid on marble floors covered with dust. While hundreds of other injured with fractured and bloodied limbs were laid on ground outside the hospital under make-shift tents, while their family members struggled hard to find food and drinking water for them. 

Owing to lack of morgue facilities dead bodies are hoarded outside the hospital, which apparently is one of the oldest and most trusted in Nepal. Opinion leaders are suggesting massive earthquake which struck Nepal exposed the depressing state of the medical facilities in the country as the hospitals struggle with lack of adequate medical supplies and staffs to offer proper attendance and treatment to the distressed. 

Nepal boasts a population of 28 million but has only 2.1 physicians or doctors, and 50 hospital beds for every 10,000 people, as reported by World Health Organization in a research conducted in 2011. 

Earthquake in Nepal triggered a humanitarian crisis, which is further worsening the situation. The earthquake is worst experienced by the country in the last 81 years. It measured 7.9 in Richter scale. Until today the toll of people killed in the quake surpassed 4000, and the number is expected to increase more and over 5500 were injured.