Audi to Soon Launch the On Demand Car Service

Published Date : Apr 28, 2015

Silvercar, the company that deals in car rentals, has recently come up with a new approach in the area of car renting. This company mostly rents out cars such as the Q5s and A4 in most limited markets and as a result provides the concierge service and the integration of mobile-first to travelers who are essentially tech-savvy. Despite these car rentals not being for everyone, Silvercar has managed to come across a rather strong and effective user base. 

The user base mainly pertains to those travelers who have got bored with the same system of renting cars from the usual companies. The traction of this model has expanded substantially. In 2014, Eduardo Saverin of Facebook invested a sum worth US$14 billion in the company as venture capital fund. Taking into account the market, most competitors in the industry have started deploying their own specific products, however, not necessarily from the conventional points of view as mostly thought. 

As per reports, today itself Audi declared the launch and introduction of the Audi on Demand. This is a product which in several ways resembles the Silvercar, and is primarily confined to the automotives market of San Francisco. This service permits the users to easily rent out any vehicle/car that belongs to the family of Audi cars. This can range from the RS5 to the A4 and even the R8 Spyder. 

The R8 Spyder is the one that generally gets sold at US$129,400 per unit. The rental charges range between US$165 to US$1285 a day. The service is concluded to be more expensive when compared to Silvercar, that is engaged in offering promotional rates that can be as low as US$49 per day.