Kettering University Donates US$4 Million to General Motors for Powertrain Lab

Published Date : Apr 28, 2015

Kettering University that has seen some leaders at General Motors getting taught here will soon be the recipient of gift worth US$4 million from General Motors. The fund will be utilized to establish a proving platform and a test lab for powertrains. General Motors’ philanthropy segment will be declaring the donation plan on Tuesday. It will be announced to Flint, Mich school that was once owned by the automaker. 

These facilities are anticipated to be built over the next couple of years. These facilities will be utilized by professors and students who are engaged in doing research work in the area of autonomous vehicles and electric cars. This project also indicates the efforts on the part of Kettering University to tackle the blight that occurred in Flint. 

Flint in fact, became the automotive powerhouse soon after General Motors was established there almost hundred years ago. The sluggish performance of the American automotive market had an adverse impact on the city, which is characterized by almost 42% of the population living in poverty. The president of the university also expressed that most concerned people are hoping that taking such a step would drive economic activity in the area. 

The main rationale of Kettering is to develop a safe and effective corridor for almost 2000 students that the university has for reaching downtown Flint which is almost one mile away. The school happens to be the largest landowner of the area and it recently bought and even renovated the Atwood Stadium of the city, despite the fact that Kettering University doesn’t have a football team.