China Emerges as the Leading Winemaker Globally

Published Date : Apr 29, 2015

China has emerged in the global picture as the country boasting second-largest wine growing area after Spain, relegating France to the third place. The information came to foray after the International Organization of Vine and Wine also known as IOVW released the latest figures. 

The figures which were released for 2014 exhibited that China had 799,000 hectares, or 1.97 million hectares of land to be more specific devoted to wine growing. Spain on the other hand, had 1.02 million hectares of land. France however, was the biggest producer of wine globally, after it pumped 47 million hectolitres last year. The country also made a whopping 7.7 billion euros or US$8.4 billion. Meanwhile, the United States surfaced as the biggest consumer of wines. The U.S. quaffed more than 31,000 hectolitres of wine in 2014, which accounts for 13% of the global intake. France and Italy followed the U.S. closely. 

Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom emerged as the biggest and most prominent importers of wine. These countries collectively accounted for global trade valued at 26 billion euros. However, it is China who have emerged as a the most prominent player in viniculture. China alone accounts for 11 per cent of the topography devoted to vineyards last year. The report represented a significant expansion of viniculture in the country since 2000, when its share in total land dedicated to vineyards was barely 4%. 

The head of IOVW, Jean-Marie Aurand revealed China has dozens of plantations and thousands of hectares are dedicated to Viniculture. However, to expand the market China dint shy away from capitalizing on the expertise from the United States, Australia, Italy, France, and Spain. He also said many of the Chinese youngsters were travelling abroad to educate themselves about the arts of the wine trade.