Balancing prescription drugs, pain cited as a painful dilemma

Published Date : Dec 23, 2013

For the last 15 years Americans have very often left their doctor’s offices with prescriptions for strong and powerful painkillers that are reserved only for the critical injuries. 

However, medical study says that bombarding body pain with a type of opioid medication was once a dramatic shift in U.S. medicine. Due to this the drug industry had lead several doctors that lead the project which otherwise they do not get the chance to since there is very little training provided to them to treat their patients’ prime complaints. 


The pills are flooding the country more than anything in the world or in this industry. And this result has been a public health disaster. In Ohio, about 17,000 Americans have been killed a year, and opioids have killed three people a day in traffic accidents.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reporters Mark Curnutte and Lisa Bernard-Kuhn have spent valuable months scrutinizing several years of research and investigations in the medical field. They have also interviewed dozens of doctors and patients to examine certain substantial results. These reporters share their personal experiences with patients and different dilemmas that doctors face in the medical industry.