Is Yoga the Answer for Old People to Fight Diseases and Disabilities?

Published Date : Jun 03, 2019

A new research suggests that the adults who have been in a regular practice of yoga; are more likely to live healthy life. A group of researchers have explained regular yoga to create a positive impact on life; bettering mental as well as physical shape. Further research on this unfolded that regular meditation improved most physical functions and mental wellbeing in healthy adults, who crossed the age 60. 

Yoga – an ancient practice which includes the variety of postures along with regulated breathing, were found to reduce health complexities. Moreover, it aids in bettering balance, muscle strength, and flexibility. This time, researchers have thoroughly carried out experiments on yoga’s potential in boosting health and physical improvements.

Yoga Holds Potential in Improving Physical and Psychological Outcomes in Adults 

A study found that among older adults, regular practice of yoga boosted the mental health.  However, throughout, this has been a vague conception about yoga improving one’s mental health. Recently, researchers delved deep to find the root cause associated with yoga in bettering humans’ well-beings. They found that through improving mental health, yoga took a crucial role in reducing the symptoms of depression and enhancing sleep quality. 

Researchers conducted an experiment to investigate more about the effects of yoga, especially on mental and physical wellbeing among adults. They discovered that the people who practiced yoga regularly for a specific period of time, had improved leg strength and vitality. Moreover, compared with people of no activities, yoga further improved lower body flexibility, body strength, and depression. 

The researchers stated that the experiment helped them to understand about yoga’s benefits on an aging population. However, they further asserted that it provided evidence for promoting yoga in physical and mental activity guidelines, especially for older people.