Wage Disputes Stir Up in Karnataka Cement Plants

Published Date : Dec 26, 2013

India’s Deputy Labor Commissioner of the Union government summoned a tripartite meeting with other representatives such as the UltraTech Cement, Vasavadatta Cements, Shramajeevigala Vedike and the Labor Department to come to find a resolution about the on-going wage disputes at the Karnataka cement plants. 

However, Mr. Hiremath - the trade union leader and honorable president of the Shramajeevigala Vedike arguably claimed that various cement companies were spreading frame-ups about the implementation of wage board salaries to industry’s contract laborers. 

According to the records, the companies also furnished false information to the Labor Commissioner that the cement wage board’s cement plan proposals were being implemented and the fact that contract laborers were not receiving basic benefits was falsified too. However, they continued to pay an insignificant amount of US$2.89/day against the proposed wages of the cement board which further led them to pay more than US$8.03/day. 

Nevertheless, Mr. Hiremath said that if the Labor Department failed to ensure the proposed cement plants recommendations’, the employees would be forced to take the alternative step and strike an indefinite protest in New Delhi.