Emirates NBD Emerged as the Top Financial Brand Globally

Published Date : Apr 30, 2015

On Wednesday Emirates NBD formally announced the news of it being named as the top financial brand in the world by Global Effie Effectiveness Index. 

The bank also ended up being one of the seven featured banks in the effective brand’s category. It stood among the top global brands which included companies such as Vodafone, McDonald’s, and Coca Cola. 

Emirates NBD was the only company from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to have reached to the 2015 edition of the Global Effie Effectiveness Index, which is not in its fifth year. 

The Global Effie Effectiveness Index is the most comprehensive and trusted league of table worldwide that ranks companies and organization on the measurement of the marketing effectiveness. The index ranks and identifies almost every brand and marketer on the basis of the success registered by these entities in the competitions organized by Effie around the world. 

The latest index is compiled on the basis of more than 3000 finalists and winning entries consolidated from the competition organized by Effie Awards worldwide in 2014. The index is generally constructed by converting the winners and finalists of Effie award into points. For instance 12 points were awarded to those who won the grand Effie, eight was awarded for gold, six entailed to silver, and those who won bronze were awarded four points, while two was allotted to the finalists. Leading opinion leaders and industrial experts sit on the judge’s panel who evaluate these companies on the basis of compelling results achieved by their respective marketing propagandas.

Emirates NBD, emerged as the clear winner at the Effie Mena Awards 2014. It registered by its name five of the most coveted awards in Banking and Finance. Moreover, the brand was also successful to pocket awards and recognition in the Brand Experience categories.