Business Agreement Between Quake Global and Hitachi

Published Date : Apr 30, 2015

Recently, Quake Global Inc., declared that it had entered into a business agreement with Japan based Hitachi for supplying a host of telecom solutions for the Construction Machinery of Hitachi’s that has been deployed all across the globe. Quake Global Inc., supplies devices for mobile communication in the machine-to-machine (M2M) market. The product family of Quake for Hitachi is focused towards developing a whole new dimension to the ability of controlling and monitoring the assets of Hitachi and also the other light and heavy equipment assets. 

This product family of Hitachi represents the uniqueness offered by Hitachi. This Hitachi solution is mainly based on the amalgamation of the proprietary technology of Hitachi on the one hand with the proprietary technology of Quake. It also combines the capability of the multiple communications network along with the huge capacity for data processing. This will be done in order to come up with a high class solution within a single unique package. Hitachi Construction Machinery manufactures construction machinery, the demand for which is derived from various industrial segments present all across the globe. 

The corporate philosophy of Hitachi is towards achieving success in the area of the creation of machinery on the one hand and also the synergy between business and humans that brings together and helps developing rich and brilliant living spaces and ensure that they are more comfortable, efficient, and mostly of all, very well developed. The wide range of products offered by Quake to Hitachi indicates the very next step towards the evolution and introduction of various communications devices which bring together several network architectures into one device which can easily communicate from any place in the world.