TeliaSonera Obtains the Ethernet Certification of the MEF Carrier

Published Date : Apr 30, 2015

TeliaSonera has emerged as the newest service provider in the telecommunications sector with a view to obtaining the Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Certification of the Metro Ethernet Forum. This will lead to service enhancements and better quality to the wholesale and retail lines for the carrier and business customers. This company happens to be the very first service provider to operate in the Baltics and Nordics that has gained this particular certification. 

It also happens to be one of the three players in the global market namely, Globe Telecom and Telstra that had earlier acquired this certification. The certification essentially covers the wholesale and retail services that TeliaSonera delivers along with MRV, OneAccess, Juniper, and Cisco equipment. This is one certification that the company will be able to bring home to the customers in the U.S., and the Baltic and Nordic regions. 

In the United State, a host of services are offered to various content providers and carriers by TeliaSonera International Carrier. A senior official at the department for product management in the area of transport and also infrastructure services expressed that gaining this certification is an indicator of the company’s capability to enhance customer experience at the local as well as the international platforms. And this can be done by speeding up the timeline that is meant for deploying the services of the Ethernet. 

The main focus area for the company at present is the customer which means that it is a better customer experience that the company aims at. So the main rationale should be to proof test and accelerate the Ethernet portfolio and also ensure that the same has the best standards for long term development and growth of the company.