China Flaunts the Chrysler 300C

Published Date : May 04, 2015

The Chrysler 300C which is a beautiful bling was spotted in the street called Beijing Tuning in China. The good automobile has been revved with the finest maximum. The machine is covered with shimmery plastic glitters that are more than 25,000 in number that draws away the sun. The machine also has a body kit and an interior that is custom-made, the machine stands on 21-inch wheels which has more glitz and shine.

The doors of the machine in the front boast Lamborghini. The excellent machine was manufactured by the tuning firm in Beijing known as ‘One Hundred Tuning Club’. The first meeting was at a tuning show in 2012, then it was showcased with models in 2013, and then onwards it has been exhibited at every tuning show in China. This makes it one of the famous cars which are customized.

The wheels of the automobile are a piece of art. It was told, that gluing the wheels with glitter took three working days of one person. The whole production time for the automobile took four months for an exuberant price of US$56.310 sans the car price. 

The automobile is the Made in China version of the Chrysler 300C which is the first generation in the series. The automobile was manufactured by a joint venture contract between Daimler Chrysler and Beijing Auto Industry. The venture between the two also produced the Chysler Sebring. 
 The interior of the automobile are as good as the exterior. So much te interior was plush white, the gear lever knob could not be forgotten.

The white theme in leather is available in black as well, where it appears subtle for the Chinese taste.