Mercedes-Benz 300SL The Automobile That is Enticed for

Published Date : May 04, 2015

In the classic cars’ world Mercedes-Benz is the top of the line. It is recognized as the classic car much valued as a million dollar revered machine. Even among the non-gearheads is it better known for its gull-wing doors and the pointed stars that are oversized and are three in number?

Although the car is quite old, can even be referred as ancient the machine cannot be described without using the words ‘greatest’, ‘best’, and ‘prettiest’. But the superlatives and adjectives that describe the 300SL, the machine is worthy of its remarkable features. The machine, the 300SL does not need time qualifiers such as ‘as per 1950s standards’. There will never be any machine like the 300SL.

After a six decades of advancement in the automotive sector, 300SL can be said to be a product of its times. It is easy to forget that in 1954 the automotive world was prehistoric and foreign feeling of the German coupe. In those times, it was the first time Americans heads about sports car. In the same time, Chevy Corvette was in the second year of its production but had uncertainties due to poor build, single engine choice, and high price. The machine had a combination of inline-six 150-horsepower engine mated with a slow an automatic transmission of two-speed.

In 1954, Ferrari officially started to import cars in America, and Porsche reported sales of less than 100 cars. It was another decade before Mustang and other cheap European automobiles brought performance for the masses. In those times, the 300SL was phenomenally advanced, although the car was German it was custom made for the American market.