Business Expansion of Puffed Cakes

Published Date : Dec 27, 2013

Now-a-days, puffed cakes are really consuming the market with their delightful tastes. They are taking off with their multi-cereal formulas, ingredients, mixes, and different shapes and textures gives taste-testers a good blend of healthy and blissful taste. 

The micro pellets are used as blenders in the puffed cakes family from Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI). These cakes now have multi-cereal maize and potato pellets formulated as micro range cereal-based pellets just to bring a new taste, texture, and new colour to the puffed cakes.

Moreover, using the same technology and process but different raw materials helps the manufacturers to develop new market segments. Hence, micro pellets are substances that allow several possibilities of differentiation whether mixed or left alone with other raw materials, for instance, rusks, dietetic, biscuits, organic, and catering markets. 

These are the popular kind of light chips that have superseded its rivals in many aspects, says Patricia Panel-Dusséaux – the marketing manager. The chips are produced in moulds that are expanded at high temperatures, she added. They contain no cooking fats and remain very crunching and favorable in taste.