Chevrolet Revises the Price of the 2016 Volt for Greater Turnover

Published Date : May 05, 2015

Chevrolet recently declared that it would be revising the prices of the latest model of the 2016 Volt. The question is whether or not the company will get a bigger pool of buyers who would be interested in purchasing this hybrid plug-in vehicle. The pricing of this vehicle is inclusive of the delivery charges thereby starting at a price of US$33995. This figure was disclosed by an email that the company had sent on Sunday. 

This pricing involves a price cut that exceeded US$1000 as against the earlier outgoing model of this car of 2015. This may in a way disappoint several fans of the Volt who had anticipated that the price fall would reach a level of US$30000. However, the current figure does get a little close to average market price of this new vehicle. This price cut of US$34000 gets the current Volt quite close to this new vehicle’s average price. 

As per the earlier month’s transaction report, a light vehicle in U.S. was sold for US$33560. This latest Volt model qualifies for the income tax amount of credit worth US$7500 which is for the set of electric vehicles. It also includes a rebate of US$1500 which will be received from the California state. It is anticipated that the prices will go low to almost US$26495 which will be received after the entire amount of credit from the federal government of US$7500. 

The latest 2016 Volt model offers a host of choice when it comes to the charge of the single battery. The car also enables one to drive to a level of fifty EV miles which is based on only one charge. This shows an increase in range by almost 30%as against the earlier model.