A Novel Process to Manufacture Metal Additive without Melting

Published Date : Jun 10, 2019

Metals are widely used for manufacturing of different machine parts. Mostly machine parts are quite complex, so manufacturing requires melting the metal and casting them using molds. And then give this mold a desired as shape. However, main drawback of this process is that the metal losses its original strength and also it become brittle.

The New Technique is Equally Capable as well as Costs Effective than Traditional

To overcome this, several researchers are putting their efforts to find a technique that helps in manufacturing of metals machinery part without any need of melting them. Researchers at found a system called MELD that helps in making of 3D machinery parts layer-by-layer, enabling the production of complex parts.

Thus, the new technique eliminates the need to melt material and help manufacturer design new parts at the same speed and at a lower cost. The researchers started with manufacturing of the device equipment with an idea for solid state metal deposition. This will help manufacturers produce stronger complex parts than existing processes in a much simpler way.

Additionally, any manufacturer can make machinery anywhere they want with the help of MELD. This is because the system is an open atmosphere process. As a result, manufacturers can easily adopt it. It does not require powder beds and special chambers which helps them scale up to manufacture larger parts.