Excessive Sugar Consumption in Five American States

Published Date : May 06, 2015

It has been observed that in the U.S. there are almost 18 states wherein greater than 26 percent of the adult population drinks sweetened drinks and similar beverages such as fruit drinks and aerated drinks. They consume these drinks once a day on a regular basis. When it comes to sources containing added sugars, sugary drinks form a major part of the typical American diet which eventually lead to adverse health impacts and diseases. 

Reports have also concluded that a major part of the adult population in Mississippi consume such sugar laden beverages almost each and every day. There are a group of states that have recorded highest consumption of sugar. As per research papers in several medical and healthcare journals, there is strong connection between obesity and consumption of sugary beverages. Researchers and physicians stress on the importance of reducing the intake of sugar through these drinks in order to ensure a healthier lifestyle. 

This will eventually lead to better weight management coupled with the lower risk of developing chronic and serious lifestyle diseases. High consumption of sugar is not the only problem that exists in these states, but also other unhealthy habits. Close to 38% of the population in the U.S. consume fruits less than even one helping a day. This is taken to be quite low, and there are these four to five states that have reported even lower fruit consumption. Fruits are considered better options as against fruit juices, which are a source of an immediate sugar rush in the body, the aftermath of which are not very healthy. These states are also most likely to consume lesser vegetables.