Brewery Collaboration between Brooklyn and Carlsberg

Published Date : May 06, 2015

Carlsberg recently declared that it will enter into a business collaboration with New York based Brooklyn Brewery and Norway based Ringnes. Ringnes is a company of the Carlsberg Group. This new business venture will witness the establishment of a brewery with a restaurant, pub, visitor centers, and also conference facilities. 

These will be established where Ringnes EC Dahls is currently located in Norway’s Trondheim. This brewery will be manufacturing the latest craft beers along with the well known Dahls beer; which will be taking inspiration from the American and Norwegian traditions of craft brewing. This brewery will be open to food and beer lovers from all over the world and will eventually transform into a lab meant for new experiments and most importantly new ideas. 

Roar Hildonen, a local restaurateur will be operating the world class restaurant that will be a part of EC Dahl. This is not just a great development for the brewery of EC Dahl but also for all beer lovers of Norway and other parts of the world. This collaboration between Brooklyn with Carlsberg will lead to greater and newer possibilities in the area of craft brewing. 

It was in 1847 that Carlsberg started its small brewery business in Copenhagen. A lot can also be attributed to the reintroduction and resurgence of the art of craft brewing that has taken place in current times. This has resulted in greater number of people taking interest in the beer world. Earlier when the Brooklyn Brewery was commenced that plan was to tap and exploit the world famous brewing tradition and culture of Brooklyn.  Dahls is Brooklyn’s and Carlsberg’s second brewery business collaboration.