Economy of Glasgow to Greatly Benefit from the Opening of UK’s Biggest RE Conference

Published Date : May 06, 2015

It is anticipated that Glasgow will receive a £4.6 boost from its economy as the organizers claim that it will be the UK’s biggest renewable energy conference opens today in this city.

The conference called All-Energy 2015 will be one of the largest conferences which is being held in this city in 2015. It will result in attracting a crowd of 7,000 delegates from around the world. Furthermore, this two day event held at the SECC will feature sessions and exhibitions which will cover areas that range from offshore wind power to creating sustainable cities.

There will be around 450 exhibiting firms which are from 20 different countries and there will be a program which will display 440 speakers which will be present today and tomorrow for the debates, knowledge sharing sessions, and discussions.

This event’s media partner is The Herald which has been in Aberdeen since its launch in the year 2001 till present. According to the organizers the cost of accommodation in this location was a factor which help to decided to move the even although giving the exhibitors the chance to meet new people was also another contributing factor

The All Energy 2015 site on the Internet refers to substantial cost savings which include decreased rate and transport options along with a plethora of affordable hotels nearby. This event also talks of the convenient discounted travel. 

According to the event director the component parts are in place and all that remains for the even to begin is the welcoming of exhibitors and visitors. Furthermore, the interesting measure of interest for this conference is that it is free to attend for all professional/business interest in renewable energy sector.