Joint Venture in India with Rolta and Meprolight Established

Published Date : May 05, 2015

Rolta from India is a company developing IT solutions for a diverse vertical market sector which comprises of federal and government activities and defense and homeland security. This firm has entered a joint venture with the company Meprolight which is an Israeli developer of electronic optics systems which are employed for security and defense purposes.

However to be owned 51 per cent by Rolta and 49 per cent by Meprolight, the venture will take the advantage of technology and provide the manfaucturing for Meprolight and developing state of art optronics devices which are based on the image intensifier and the thermal imaging technologies present in India. This JV will help to address the growing demand for the night fighting capabilities which are placed by the Indian defense and security forces.

Both partner companies stated that this venture will come into operations on receipt availability of requisite approvals from the firm’s respective country governments and will result in leveraging a large spectrum of optronics technology which are from Meprolight and build via Rolta’s leadership position of the country India. This will help them to address the substantial requirement of defense, state police, and paramilitary forces, according to the partners.

Furthermore, the Chairwoman from Meprolight stated that the venture with Rolta will help to fuel their foot print internationally via strategic partnership, and the creation of this joint venture is a substantial milestone for them and a win win partnership. According to the Chairman and Managing Director representing Rolta, this partnership is a crucial development for their defense businesses and a new step to up their efforts.