Nuclear Energy Strives to Replace Wind, Natural Gas to Reach a Market Position

Published Date : Jan 02, 2014

The New York Times reports state that both resources wind and nuclear energy are a better alternative to the coal. However, these sources are being tapped by the natural gas production, where, the natural gas leaves plenty of carbon footprint on the environment. This type of emission is three times as large and harmful as the nation’s mission to curb down the same. 

Both the clean energy sources - the nuclear energy and wind are battling to replace one another to other heavy carbon emitting sources such as electricity. 

But most of the times the nuclear industry demands the development of wind energy and natural gas sectors which has forced some of the nuclear facilities to close down. Many experts say that if the electricity prices were higher in the market, the renewable sources would boom out. Several nuclear companies in the defense industry are complaining about the fact that the wind and cheap natural gas sectors are getting affected in the federal subsidies division. 

Moreover, gas as a source is ruining it for many industries in the sector of electricity. Michael Webber, an expert from the University of Texas at Austin said that in 2012, production of electricity from the natural gas resources increased ten times as fast and progressive as the wind production.

The wind production in the country pushes the development of wind farms faster than needed. It is simply getting built around even though when it is actually not needed for any power supply purposes, said David C. Brown, a representative of an Exelon nuclear company. The wind production tax credit is per kilowatt-hour for the period of the first 10 years of production. 

Times concluded saying, none of the existing nuclear plants get a federal subsidy per kilowatt-hour produced.