Equinix Extends Direct Access and Easy Availability of the Microsoft Office 365 Service to Various Enterprises

Published Date : May 07, 2015

Enterprise customers, from Equinix will soon be receiving a managed and a reliable connection that will connect then to Microsoft Office 365 Azure ExpressRoute via the company’s platform of cloud exchange. This will pertain to customers who would be migrating to be shifting their focus towards cloud based architecture. This service as per Equinix, which will be available during the 3rd quarter will offer direct access in fifteen markets all across the globe to the Office 365. 

What’s really making this service trend of providing direct access with the help of private connection towards cloud services involves the reduction in service uptime and latency for most enterprise customers. Via a private and a dedicated connection, Equinix will be able to control and manage the experience quality with the provision of the mechanisms that aids in effective management of network availability. 

This also means that a particular business will not need to manage and deal with the issues of speed and security that pertain to public internet. It has also been concluded that the experience of the end user must topping the priority list of the company when it takes into account the options of cloud connectivity that are meant for applications pertaining to business productivity. 

With the company’s offering of giving access to users  to Microsoft Office 365 Azure ExpressRoute, both the companies will enable the enterprise to make use of the existing WAN or the MPLS infrastructure to attain high speed get an improved experience, and also get access to the Office 365.