Research Reveals Drinking Green Tea and Coffee Lowers Risk of Health Problems

Published Date : May 08, 2015

death from cardiac problems or strokes. The National Cancer Center of Japan released a statement on Thursday mentioning, that the group of researchers conducted the study on more than 90,000 people aged between 40 years and 69 years. The observation of the experiment indicated that those who drank these beverages on a regular basis may have better immunity and lower health risks of drying because of cardiac arrest or other cardio-vascular diseases. 

In the research program, the University of Tokyo in collaboration with the cancer center observed the drinking habits and health condition of people during the last 19 years or so. The experiment according to records was started in 1990. Of the participants they closely monitored, 12,874 died during the period of study. 

The causes of death of these participants were studied by the reporter in correlation to their regular intake of green tea or coffee. The research revealed that those who drank three to four cups of coffee on a regular basis were twenty four per cent less likely to die because of any health ailments. It was also noticed that such coffee drinkers were 36% less likely to suffer any cardio vascular condition, and were 43% less likely to endure cerebrovascular conditions. 

In addition, the research also revealed that men who said they drank four to five cups of green tea on a regular basis are 13% less likely to succumb to ailments of disease, compared to those who don’t drink beverages. Among women the percentage was 17%.