Connected Automobiles All Set to Impact World’s Largest Auto Market

Published Date : May 18, 2015

As per several suppliers in the automotive sector, particularly Delphi Automotive the interest of China to develop automotive technology is likely to raise demand for connected car driving.

The manufacturers of auto parts that are present in the automotive segment are likely to witness surge in revenue in the ASIA Pacific region. This is largely due to rising demand in China for vehicles that have Internet connectivity. 

Delphi is working hard and researching to develop auto electronics that employs Internet connectivity but doesn’t requires the driver’s attention which could become a distraction, as commented by chief technology officer at Delphi.

The other features that are regarded crucial at Delphi are reconfigurable displays and increased computing capacity to leverage the features that are available for latest Internet connectivity.
Across the car market in China, automakers both global and domestic players are seeking to attract attention of young buyers as sales seem to be slowing down in the largest auto market in the world. 

As per the research firm JD Power & Associates, in mature markets the average age demographics of auto buyers is quite high, whereas in China the car buying demographics are much faster. In china, the average age of car buyers is 33, with the rising purchasing power of the age group also emphasizing the options that automakers are presented with. 

As far it is concerned about the millennial generation, the fight to attract customers has moved ahead of performance and styling to user experience. To have better presence in the rising automotive technology field, 70% of the world’s total automotive suppliers and other businesses questioned by Ernst and Young LLP commented to be seeking a purchase in the technology fields in the next twelve months period.