China All Set to Continue With its Green Energy Revolution

Published Date : May 18, 2015

Just like each and every emerging nation has done from the time of industrial Revolution, China has also followed the steps. The nation produces majority of its electricity by burning the fossil fuels. However, to focus on this only one fact risks the surpassing of a noteworthy trend. The power generation technique in China is going all green, which is far faster than any other system of this size across the globe.

This trend can be witnessed in three sectors. The first of them is generation of electricity. As per the information released by the Electricity Council of China, the quantity of power that was generated by China by the way of fossil fuels in 2014 has went down by 0.7% every year, which is the first drop in the recent past. In the mean time, power generation from the non-fossil-fuel elements went up by almost 19%.

In this change, the nuclear energy has played a less role. Electricity which is generated strictly by the green sources such as wind, water, and solar went up by almost 20%. This is the strongest growth which has been recorded in the solar power generation that rose around 175%. Solar power gone too much ahead of nuclear on the basis of new energy produced, offering an extra 17.43 terawatt-hours in the previous year if compared to the 14.70 terawatt-hours from the nuclear sources. Moreover, for the third consecutive year, China has generated more electricity from wind than from the nuclear energy. As a result, the argument that the nation will be totally dependent on the nuclear power plants for their non-carbon sources of electricity is proving to be a bit wrong.