LabCorp to Offer New FDA approved Breast Cancer Prognostic Test

Published Date : Jan 14, 2014


Today, the Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings launched the Prosigna TM Breast Cancer Prognostic Gene Signature Assay (an approved breast cancer prognostic gene) developed by the NanoString Technologies, Inc. 

It announced that Prosigna provides a numerical score and the risk category to understand the probability of breast cancer repetition in some of the female breast cancer patients across the globe. 

For women with a postmenopausal breast cancer surgery in conjunction with the locoregional treatment, Prosigna’s assay of recurrence happens to be a useful tool with different pathological and clinical factors that will help you guide the treatments and monitor the strategies in the medical field. 

The Prosignatest is basically based on a 50 gene signature assay that consists of the NanoString system as a proprietary. 

This entire clinical survey of the assay was authorized in two separate large studies that included over 2,400 patients. Both the Prosigna score studies provided information that was derived from the standard clinical variables such as tumor size and grade, nodal status, patient age and prior treatment to detect or augment a patient’s recurrence-free survival in 10 years. 

Further studies also show that Prosigna was able to categorize patients as fewer and higher risks providing more prognostic clarity as compared to the other results derived from predictive breast cancer assays such as Oncotype Dx® Breast Cancer Assay.

LabCorp is the first laboratories to offer the FDA approved Prosigna assay, said Dr. Mark Brecher, LabCorp\'s Chief Medical Officer. He also added that Prosigna caters patients and physicians an important diagnostic tool, in conjunction with other pathological and clinical factors. This is to help monitor and cure the breast cancer recurrence.