Russia Lifts Ban on Food Import from Three EU States

Published Date : May 20, 2015

Recently Russia announced its decision of lifting embargo on food imports from the European Union. The decision may allow around 20 firms from Cyprus, Greece, and Hungary to return to the Russian market, as quoted by Interfax news agency on Tuesday. 

Earlier the country had banned food imports from 28 economies of Europe as a response to the Western Sanctions that were imposed on Russia because of the role it played in the Ukraine crisis. The decision ultimately led to shutting down of a vast range of food to the country starting from Irish and French Cheese to Spanish ham and fruit. 

However, it was announced by Sergei Dankvert who heads the federal veterinary service that the country won’t mind allowing 15 Hungarian producers and a couple of manufacturers from Cypriot and Green to venture back into the markets of Russia. According to the report published by Interfax, the list couple be extended as well depending upon how the situation progresses. 

Speaking about the chances, Sergei Dankvert said, the inspections are in full swing and there is certainly a possibility of the list to be increased. 

The Russian government’s ban on food imports from European Union impacted more than US$9 billion worth of food imports from the United States, Europe, and other countries. The ban however, is expected to run out by August 7th, after a year since it was imposed. 

No information was available with regards to the time frame of lifting the ban, Sergei Dankvert also chose to remain silent on this subject. The report by Interfax also had no mention about what could probably be Russia’s stand on lifting ban on food imports from other western countries.  However, Sergei Dankvert dint step back from making it clear that food producers hailing from the European Union that it won’t be very easy or convenient for them to stage a return on the Russian market even after the country has lifted the embargo on them.