Reports of Shannon Airport: First Rise in Passenger Numbers in Five Years

Published Date : Jan 16, 2014

The Shannon Airport recorded and declared its passenger count increase in numbers for the first time in five years. This rise was seen in 2013 – the first year since it became functional under local control. 

The figure recorded a total of 1,400,032 passengers that flew through the Clare airport in the last year. This when compared to the 2012 recorded an increase of just over 5,000 on the 1,394,781.  

Nonetheless, this increase was sparingly achieved as month-over-month passenger numbers were seen decreasing in the immediate airports de-coupling from the Dublin Airport Authority. 

However, a strong growth was seen from June onwards whereby, the airport was seen with half the five years slide in passenger numbers.

The Shannon CEO Neil Pakey commented that 2013 was going to be a challenging year for them, not least at the beginning of the year but they as a company have emerged well from the State airports group. He added saying that the first half of the year was a slow start in terms of passenger numbers, well at least for the first five months; however, the trends and numbers started increasing as the year drew by. And the second half of the year was very positive for them. The company is confident to achieve a substantial growth as the year moves into 2014 and beyond. 

Nevertheless, this second half of the year increase was most pronounced on the transatlantic routes where 22 percent of the growth was achieved. The company thanks Chicago and Philadelphia for this growth. Also, UK/European routes were most boosted by the new services during the year 2013, to Alicante, Faro, Lanzarote and Liverpool.