Use Tray Typer in KFC and Avoid Greasy Fingers When You Use Your Smartphone

Published Date : May 21, 2015

KFC the chicken franchise fast food chain has a new marketing strategy. Customers can now leave the store with their Smartphone that have no grease from the chicken they have eaten at the store! 

The technological breakthrough involves an ultra slim, wireless keyboard with an in-built Bluetooth on which you can type urgent text while digging into crispy chicken. The gadget is named the KFC Tray Typer and is a rechargeable device. This new promotional tactic is part of the German advertising program by the fast-food chain.

So, next time when you are at the fast food store, and when you have eaten half your bucket of crunchy greasy chicken, you can push it aside and type your response text without touching your phone. 

Customers simply need to pair their phone with the Bluetooth before they start eating and don’t need to touch their handsets while enjoying their snack. During the week’s promotional activity, it is reported that customers carried their rechargeable keyboards home probably to reuse it after a clean-up at various fast food restaurants! The popular keyboard was loved by fans of the chicken franchise and discussed widely on social media.

This advertising campaign using innovative technology is not a first for the fast food chain. A branch in Japan of KFC had promoted a mouse, keyboard, and USB stick all shaped like pieces of fried chicken last fall. 

No information is given if the Tray Typer would be launched in branches of the fast food outlets in other countries. You can just hope that it will and keep your greasy chicken smeared fingers crossed for it to happen in U.S.