Picasolar Expanding with its New Facility to Commercialize its Solar Cell Technology

Published Date : May 21, 2015

Picasolar is a start up firm which is affiliated with the University of Arkansas. This firm has dedicated its new headquarters at the Arkansas Research and Technology Park, was announced on Wednesday.

This facility will be 2,300 square foot area located in the Enterprise Center. The company Picasolar is expected to greatly cut down on the time it takes to manufacture its patent pending product. This product is known as a hydrogen super emitter which enhances solar cell efficiency and decreases the amount of silver which is required to make solar panels. This makes them more affordable and marketable.

The hydrogen emitter is anticipated to save the average solar panel maker around US$120 million dollars per year. This super emitter based in hydrogen currently represents the single largest technology leap in the sector of solar power in the past 40 years, stated the chief executive officer of Picasolar, Douglas Hutchings. According to him, this is a big step for them and with around a thousand square feet of the lab space they will be able to elevate their proprietary process and make solar cells efficient. Furthermore, the infrastructure and the equipment they have assembled will allow streamlining their transition from R&D to commercializing products.

The firm partnered with University of Arkansas has received support from the University during the development of Picasolar as a company. Seth Shumate is the inventor of the hydrogen super emitters who is a student at the University of Arkansas and both Shumate and Hutchings have worked closely with Hameed Naseem, the electrical engineering professor based in the PV research lab at the technology park.