Innovative Bio-refinery Using Timber Waste

Published Date : May 21, 2015

The firm Pallman Group is the one of the largest manufacturers of new size reduction technology in the world. This company has joined hands with Standard Bio, which is an expert firm in the novel biomass conversations technologies. Together they are to develop an innovative biorefinery concept that will use low value organic waste that acts as a resource for clean energy, animal protein, and natural fertilizers.

This concept was based on the conversion of sources of renewables, which are the first case trees from cultivated forests. Though this can also be applied to other forms of biomass, that use solid briquettes for the generation of energy along with natural oil.

At the core of this patented technology that uses high pressure wood press coupled with a drying machine was developed by Pallmann and Standard bio, the system is capable of producing around 500 m3 of compressed wood each day and around 50 160-L natural oil barrels.

The briquettes will be produced using dried wood chips with a small amount of tree oil and then compresses it to create bio briquettes called as HerbBalls by the process of pyrolyzing the sawdust. This then forms charcoal briquettes. A portion of the output can be combined with other natural sources which are rich in nitrogen to create fertilizer and animal feed.

According to the CEO at Standard Bio, they are developing a technique for converting eco waste and other misplaced resources converted into commodities that have a high added value and can be sold across the globe. Ove Lerdahl further said this technology demonstrates a highly cost effective and a very sustainable means of creating clean energy from renewable energy sources which has no need for any government subsidies to become successful.