State Grid Corp. of China Enters a Deal with Brazil’s Electricity Industry

Published Date : May 21, 2015

One of the largest infrastructure projects in the history of China has been signed. This agreement was signed between the Brazil’s utility and the State Grid Corporation of China in order to build high voltage featuring transmission lines for the Belo Monte hydro-electric dam.

This project is scheduled for completion in 2017, and is considered to be the largest infrastructure project in Brazil’s modern history. China’s ambassador Li Jinzhang has called this event as a milestone for the improvement of the nation’s high voltage transmission lines. The ambassador further said that the high voltage transmission technology is a ground breaking and independently developed in the county China and they hold the intellectual property of this innovative technology. The project called Belo Monte marks the starting of their high end energy tech, which is particularly in the electric power industry that is going abroad.

Also, the water resources are rich in the north and the highly populated south of the nation is thirsty for electricity, and Brazil has a great need of transmission capabilities, but currently lacks such a technology.

Around five years back, the State Grid Corp. of China had registered with Brazil and from then it has emerged as the 4th largest power transmission operation in the nation. State Grid is however not the only Chinese company which has a stake in Brazilian power sector. During the ambassador’s visit in Brazil, another corporation called China Three Gorges had signed their delivery contract of around 320 thousand mega watt wind power plant based in the northeast Brazil.