Preschools in China Signs Partnership Deals with Chicago-Based Institute to Learn Their Techniques

Published Date : May 22, 2015

Education in several nations is often considered as a model for the U.S. schools to adopt and follow. However, for the next five years span, the early-childhood educators will be going for visits some preschools in Chicago, to understand, how the U.S. offers high-quality preschool education. 

RYB, which is China's biggest private preschool provider, and the Erikson Institute of Chicago, a graduate school, which focus on development of children, have decided to start with a five-year partnership deal, which will include in-person and online training opportunities for the educators in China. Some of the faculty members from Erikson will also be making visits to China in order to give train the educators there. 

The first Chicago visit of a whole week just got over on 15th of May. A group of educators of China made visits to several preschools every day, and in the afternoon they used to discuss what all they came across and compared it with their own practices.

As per Erikson, China’s early-childhood education is going through a very dramatic expansion, where a lot of families are shifting to the cities and going away from their grandparents, who would have looked after and cared for their children like in the past generations. Moreover, the one-child policy of China has made the preschool and daycare a lot more attractive for some families that are looking for social opportunities for their kids. 

In smaller cities and towns, families are sending their kids to preschool, which is competing with the practices of those living in the cities. The government of China has made an investment around US$$16 billion in the public early-childhood education in a span of last three years; however the demand is still going very high.