Experts Predict Smartphones’ Potential for Medical Related Benefits in Future

Published Date : May 25, 2015

The untapped potential of smartphones’ to assist in connecting patients and doctors is among the most speculated topics in healthcare today. Apps and mobile devices could be used to revolutionize the methods of healthcare requests and delivery. Companies are eager to work through mobile technology owing to the huge numbers of smartphone users. The ways and means to tap the smartphone technologies is yet unclear according to experts. This is because of the sensitive privacy regulations related to healthcare.

Some companies have already moved to ease the bother dealing with healthcare systems for patients by launching mobile services. ZocDoc.Inc. is a mobile adapted system for booking doctor’s online. Patients can book primary healthcare appointment through their mobiles without delays. In U.S. normally it takes about 18 days to book a primary healthcare appointment. 

Large and small companies are keen to discover the prospects of using smartphones for healthcare related services. Humanas homecare section is already experimenting using sensors and Skype in patient’s homes for remote healthcare services. Fitbits and Garmin activity trackers are tools to track patients’ vital signs, check heartbeats, or note the effects of medicine dose pharmaceutical companies have begun using.

According to Kara Dennis managing director of Medidata mobile technology for clinical research is still very new. In addition the legalities must be considered due to strict standards of pharmaceutical companies. There are limitations due to each mobile healthcare services developing their technologies. Then due to risks of data breach mobile technologies may be affected. 

Despite the constraints mobile technology is set to grow and become a fundamental part of healthcare services. Stoakes from Startup Health feels that mobile devices will be incorporated in healthcare design and delivery in future.