Blackberry Announces Job Cut Globally

Published Date : May 25, 2015

In an effort to combine its various business verticals such as hardware, device software, and applications, Blackberry is cutting down its manpower globally. In a statement, the Canadian technology giant mentioned that its decision to consolidate its various operations will affect its employees worldwide who have worked hard for the company. Though the company spokesperson has not mentioned anything in particular, industry sources reveal that the decision would not affect the employees in India. The company has less than 50 employees in India and it is unlikely that there would be any job cut in its India operations. 

Blackberry has been running cost optimization programme to reduce its operation costs and become profitable. The company has been making losses and had reduced its international workforce by 30% in 2012. In 2013, the company further reduced its headcount by closing down 4,500 positions. In the same year, the firm opened its Enterprise Solution Centers in Gurgaon and Mumbai to increase its sales in India. By end of February 2015, the technology firm had a headcount of 6,225 full-time employees. 

Regarding the job cut, Blackberry has said that it intends to reallocate sources to capitalize on growth opportunities. In the third quarter of financial year 2014-2015, the company lowered its losses to US$148 million, from US$4.4 billion during the same period a year ago. The third quarter of 2014-15 saw the sales of 1.9 million Blackberry smartphones globally. The company aims to make its device business profitable and to increase its licensing and software revenues in the coming days.