Indian Researchers Focusing on Cheap Manufacturing of OLED Screens

Published Date : May 25, 2015

Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) is an emerging technology which is used in manufacturing LED flat panels. In India, though the domestic R&D is gradually expanding, OLEDs are not manufactured locally. Banking on this opportunity, IIT Madras has partnered with G Rajeswaran, an experienced researcher who led the team that developed OLED in Eastman Kodak, to produce OLED screens at low cost in India. Presently, the premier technology institute of the country along with the experienced researcher is working on developing the initial ideas for an R&D project to manufacture the OLED screens. If the government funds this project worth Rs 50 crore, the manufacturing facilities can be established at less than Rs 100 crore. 

The R&D related to display technology has been expanding in India. Samtel, the manufacturer of Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) for colored television, has funded research in display technologies at IIT Kanpur. The research aims to raise the level of domestic technology in electronic displays. With LCDs gaining popularity among the consumers, researchers are focusing on new materials that can provide larger and clearer color displays. The focus is also to develop foldable screens, which can be rolled into a pen-sized device. 

Experts mention that OLEDs are expensive to manufacture but are advanced competitors to LCDs. Presently, they capture only 15% share in the display market. Market players such as LG and Samsung are already offering smartphones and TVs with OLED screen. However, scientists mention that it would take a long time in developing cheaper technology to manufacture OLEDs.