Drug Resistance to be a Big Issue That is Faced by the Cancer Patients in Australia

Published Date : May 26, 2015

According to the researchers, in the present scenario, drug resistance is one of the largest and toughest challenges facing the cancer patients, with the nation’s topmost medical researchers, who are looking and striving to determine that how aggressive the tumors are able to actually evade the established and conventional treatments.

Karen Canfell, the researcher of Cancer Council NSW stated that the issue regarding the drug resistance has been growing along with the rising number of cases of cancer that are being diagnosed and treated in Australia.

The Cancer Council NSW organization has been providing funds to around 16 different research studies, which are focusing on overcoming the phenomenon for all the kinds of cancers such as colon cancer, skin cancer, endocrine system cancer, and many others.

Karen Canfell further stated that, drug resistance is a procedure through which the drug treatments stop becoming effective and the tumor eventually finds a way out to evade the on-going treatment. Canfell further added that the treatment can work well in the initial stage; however, it stops to give effective results over a period of time.

Caroline Bernardi from Mosman said that she believes that her body may have been quite resistant to the drugs she was taking for lung cancer in the year 2008. Later, she turned to a clinical trial of the new drug Dacomitinib, which helped her body to get rid of not only of the five tumors she was having in her lungs but also some additional lymph nodes that were developed in her neck. She also said that, she has no idea if she was chemotherapy resistant; however, the main thing is that, it did not work for her.