Mega Budget Plan to Transform American City in 20 Years

Published Date : May 26, 2015

Mayo Clinic, the world famous healthcare destination located in the small town of Rochester in Minnesota is ready for an ambitious developmental project. 

There is widespread speculation if the project will transform the city into a global destination for medical tourism.

It is so, as the wealthy European, Gulf Arab patients, American, and East Asian patrons at the clinic, are increasingly choosing other destinations either overseas or at domestic rivals such as Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins University.

The plan is bold by Rochester, the Mayo Clinic, the state government of Minnesota, and the clinic’s private partners to expend above US$6.5 billion, which will be like a real-life version of SimCity, the plan that will transform Rochester into a global fame biotech hub, doubling its population in the going.

At a city council meeting held this last March, Rochester has approved plans of developing the DMC. The project which will bear private-public partnership nature between Rochester, the state of Minnesota, Mayo Clinic, private sector, and the county governments would give a makeover to Rochester on account of Mayo Clinic’s image. 

The downtown part of the city would receive rejuvenation and will be developed to be more cold-weather friendly. In the doing, Mayo Clinic would be open to welcome attractive new facilities. 

Large plots of land will be used to create fresh office space for life sciences and pharmaceuticals companies, local schools would receive cash injection, and developing amenities such as fancy restaurants and high-end stores would receive local and state government subsidies. This Is planned in pursuit to attract talent from other places and medical tourists. 

There is also a plan to develop a rail link between Minneapolis and the city which is about 90 miles away.