Locally Made Stents Capture 40.5% of Indian Market in 2014: Cardiological Society of India

Published Date : May 27, 2015

According to the latest data released by Cardiological Society of India (CSI), a sizeable number of stents used across hospitals last year were made in India. Stents are the tubes used to open up constricted diseased arteries. The National Interventional Council registry, maintained by the CSI reveals that about four out of every ten stents used in India are locally made. Though only 396 out of total 624 cath labs report to the registry, it provides insightful information about the usage of locally made medical devices. Industry analysts attribute the low price of the domestic stents for the increased usage in hospitals. 

According to Dr Praveen Chandra, a cardiologist working at Medanta Medicity in Gurgaon, 3,10,190 stents were used last year for 2,48,152 coronary interventions.  He has worked on the NIC data and mentioned that about 40.5% of the 3.1 lakh stents used in 2014 were made by domestic companies. Top three multinational companies Medtronic, Boston Scientific, and Abbott Vascular hold 59.5% share in the overall stents market in India. 

The pricing of the stents has been a contentious issue. Last week, Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration revealed that in India, patients pay more than 700% of the imported cost of the stent. A stent with a base price of Rs 25,000 is sold at Rs 1.55 lakh to the patients in India. This has led to the need for locally made stents which are cheaper. However, doctors are apprehensive about the efficacy of stents made by the local manufacturers. The imported stents are introduced in the market after prolonged duration of clinical and safety trials. Domestic manufacturers require emulating the same for increased acceptance of the locally made stents.