Hillary Clinton Announces Launch of Chic Online Store

Published Date : May 27, 2015

Presidential hopeful candidate in the U.S., Hillary Clinton jolts fun at herself in her new venture. 

Presidential hopeful candidate in the U.S., Hillary Clinton has announced launch of an online store. The new range of store recently launched by Hillary Clinton will sell huge range of merchandise such as apparel, signage, and accessories as part of the campaign for entry to the White House.

The range includes kitsch pantsuit, to give a whole new dimension to casual Friday, to a chic crocheted throw pillow. The throw pillow is thoughtfully named ‘A woman’s place to be in the White House’. The online store from the presidential hopeful candidate is speculated to be amajor hit among the people who support her. 

The complete range of merchandise available in the online store are proudly manufactured in the U.S., the proceeds from the store go towards funding the presidential campaign for Ms. Clinton.

To prove the Secretary of State and former First Lady of the U.S., may joke about her obsession with power suit, the online store also sells ‘pantsuit’ lapel pin.

Most of the apparel available on the store is targeted on women, and women’s rights that have catchy slogans to promote gender equality. For instance, the store includes a women’s t-shirt which is emblazoned with part of the 1995 speech delivered by Ms Clinton to the UN Conference on Women.

If the choice of merchandise available on the online store is overwhelming, not to worry, the simplest buy could be a gift card from the Hillary Clinton shop.