Is Dubai Design District Worthy to Attract Goatee-Adorned Individualist?

Published Date : May 27, 2015

It is a complete amalgamation of individuals. On one side, a group of graphic designers assemble outside their studio on the lookout for flat whites. While on the other, two teenagers pose for a selfie in the front of a street art stall. A few stroll through the gallery, before grabbing a burger from a nearby food truck,.

This portrays any hipster village in the world, from Brooklyn to Shoreditch. But instead of finding fixed gear bikes that are parked outside, there are more chances to find Maseratis, and people sipping mocktails in jam jars.

This is the Dubai Design District, or the hipster village, the place created from scratch. It sounds more like a final death call in the hipster coffin which is artistically distressed. 

Further, there is attempt to manufacture cool by constructing flat pack gratified warehouses in the midst of the desert. The concept designed by Norman Foster’s design firm, Foster + Partners, which is constructed on a stretch of dusty wasteland, not very far from Burj Khalifa.

The hipster village, so called d3, is speculated as a creative ecosystem for designers, thinkers, and artists. The village ideated to mimic street platforms of Meatpacking district in New York and Shoreditch, will include office space, galleries, boutiques, workshops, and art studios.

The first part of the project opened last month and the project is due completion in 2017.

Anyway, the mall and sprawl that Dubai boasts of, may not be suitable for those who have a bend for beer pop-ups, so it can be said the village is a epicenter of hipsterism. 

Dubai was created out of nothing in 40 years, which has skiing, has dining underwater, and can also let have own weather system on the shore.