Geneva Healthcare to Lower their Platform for Medical Device to Boston

Published Date : May 28, 2015

Geneva Healthcare recently announced the expansion of their cardiac device platform to hospitals in South of California. The firm is now in talks with Massachusetts General Hospital to make their platform available in region of Northeast as well. This three year old firm recently met with the cardiac clinic based in the Massachusetts General Hospital past week and said that the plans with the collaboration of academic medical center are moving forward. 

According to the President of Geneva and CEO, Yuri Sudhakar, these are key indicators that the area they are expanding in this sector. The CEO further stated that Boston is a prime place they want to target their sales presence in.

At present, every medical device exists within their own platform, and doctors have to log in which depends on the manufacturer of the medical device to monitor the patients’ progress. According to the CEO, they are a software system, and have figured out how to pull the discrete data from reports and programmers and insert it into a standardized platform to facilitate the clinician to view the information in a standardized way and to integrate the data into the electronic medical record system.

These reports are then converted into a simple yellow, green, or red indication which is based on the device’s performance coupled with the well being of the patient. This data comes from a variety of medical devices and is easier to comprehend. Detailed data is stored in each of these indicators. 

Previously, hospitals required to bring in representatives from every company to evaluate devices implanted in the patients which were then analyzed.