A Power Brand likely to be Added to the Tata Beverages Portfolio

Published Date : May 29, 2015

After a year of aquiring MAP – a prominent Australian coffee brand, the Rs.7833 crore establishment, Tata Global Beverages (TGB) has started contemplating to add to its impressive list of power brands, a club encompassing a bevy of its key products. This is a planned move taken by the company to expand its club which includes Tetley, Tata Tea, Tea Pix, and Eight O'Clock Coffee. The brands included within the ambit are those which can be taken across territories and which exhibits significant potential to drive sales. 

Speaking about the recent strategies adopted by the company to expand its operation, the managing director for Tata Global Beverages (TGB), Ajoy Misra said that the MAP in recent past has exhibited tremendous potential to venture in markets dominated by the big league and win over significant portion. MAP, according Misra has MAP can become a power and leading brand for coffee in Asia. This is the last of the brands that TGB had brought recently. With the acquisition of MAP, TGB has now gained access to the lucrative Australian coffee markets. TGB until now offered only tea to the Australian market however, with MAP as their portfolio brand, the Tata Group is expecting to increase their offerings in the market. 

Once added to the portfolio of TGB, MAP will be the third product from the Asian origin to be introduced in Australia after the very popular Tata Tea and Himalayan, which are products hailing from India. For records, the third of revenue that TGB generates is from India, while the remaining is generated from the company’s overseas markets. With MAP, TBG is expecting to significantly impact its revenue from coffee sales.