Digital India: A New Opportunity for Computer Literates in the Country

Published Date : Jun 01, 2015

The computer literates in India now have an opportunity to freelance under the government’s initiative- Digital India Platform (DIP). The scheme aims to digitalize all the government documents with the help of people who are capable of typing on computer or mobile services. According to IT Secretary RS Sharma, the program is almost ready and is being tested. It will involve scanning government documents. To ensure confidentiality of the documents, they will be broken down line by line or row by row, depending upon the requirement. People registered with DIP will be given the task to type and submit it. The official also mentioned that an interested candidate can register on DIP website through Aadhaar number.  Payment would be on the basis of pay per character. To fix the price to be paid to each individual, the government will invite tenders to digitalize the documents. 

Mentioning the details of the scheme, the IT Secretary told that two individuals would be given one line to type. If the typed content of both the individuals match, the system will recognize it as correct and accept it. Individuals would be free to use any device to type and submit work. Also, interested individuals would have an option to choose multiple languages in which they can work. The government is planning to approach the state governments to use the platform. Technology Department for Indian Languages Program, a vertical of IT Ministry, has come up with fonts for all regional languages that can be downloaded for free.