Energy Companies of Europe to Take Help from UN

Published Date : Jun 01, 2015

Around six of the largest oil and gas companies of Europe have come together in order to ask the United Nations to give them some help in framing a plan so as to stop the global warming.

Looking at the indication of the increasing pressure on some of the major fossil fuel companies ahead in a UN meeting, which was held in Paris for the purpose of sealing a deal regarding international climate, the chief executives of these mentioned companies, which include Britain's BP and Royal Dutch Shell have sought some of their direct talks along with their governments on generating and finalizing a pricing system for global carbon.

The executives of the said companies, informed about their whole plan in a letter to the Financial Times, stating that they owe all this to coming future generations to seek the workable and realistic solutions to overcome the hurdles of offering more energy during the tackling of climatic changes.

These six companies of Europe are saying that shunning the tremendous use of coal in the process of generating electricity, which is in favor of cleaner burning natural gas, which is also a very big source of revenues for them, would sharply hamper the carbon emissions. Furthermore, on Friday the chief executives of these companies wrote to the top official of UN, Christiana Figueres and asked for some direct conversation with the UN and the willing governments for the purpose of designing a scheme for carbon.

These energy companies and also their representatives of trade association have very typically decided to lobby the politicians in some of the private meetings instead of going through public pronouncements.