Andre Borschberg to Start With His Next Solar Flight to Hawaii

Published Date : Jun 01, 2015

On Sunday, a Swiss-based pilot of the solar plane made a record being completed the first attempt on the longest leg to fly across the whole world without a single drop of fuel.

The pilot, Andre Borschberg on Sunday at 2:39 a.m. took off from the Nanjing in China in the solar plane that is called as ‘Solar Impulse 2’ for a long flight across the huge Pacific Ocean estimated to last around five nights and six days, or at least a span of 130 hours.

The mentioned journey had started in the month of March in Abu Dhabi, and further the solar plane took halts in several places such as in Oman, then in India, later in Myanmar and finally in China. The next flight that is 5,079-mile starting from Nanjing to further in Hawaii is the seventh of all the 12 flights, which is also the longest and very dangerous of all.

Andre Borschberg along with Bertrand Piccard, his Swiss-based pilot partner, who are taking this tour together, have been taking some turns for flying the Swiss plane that is a single-seater, during a five-month long journey in order to promote and encourage the whole world about using renewable energy. Before the take-off from China, Andre Borschberg, who is presently 62 by age, stated that this is actually the moment of truth.

He further added that if this whole tour is successful, then the flight which is planned to Hawaii will be demonstrating some of the credibility of the whole vision, which he and his partner Bertrand Piccard had planned around 16 years ago. This dream was seen in order to change the mind-set of people across the globe regarding the tremendous potential of the clean technologies and some of the renewable energies.